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The Dope Writer Chic is a journalist based in the DC area, better known as the DMV.  Reading, Writing and Entertaining have been priorities since childhood and starting this blog was part of the natural progression.

Not to mention that the Chic’s first book is in the works! It’s exciting to see where this will go, so welcome to The Dope Writer Chic!!

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Thousands of Black Women Sexually Brutalized, But No Public Outrage

The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations held a hearing on May 27, 2021 to discuss...


Corsets date back as far as the 16th century with evidence suggesting that they may have...


Just Like the Runway, Naomi Prepares to Slay Motherhood

The purveyor of high fashion, connoisseur of style, catwalk queen, originator of the “Naomi...

From Homeless to Harvard

At this time of the year, many families are making summer plans in anticipation of, at least for...

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